ive been taking second life screenshots since 2019. i take pictures of everything that happens in my virtual life, and so the archives have become over 8gb big

for a lot of that time i would post some of the pictures from my diary onto its own twitter account, and it became my habit to post parts of my diary frequently

even when i wasnt posting, i was always taking pictures for myself, but ive always had the goal of sharing the diary with others.. i consider the diary and all its archives as a whole to be an ongoing artproject

my posting on my twitter account has slowed down more and more, as i become more upset and uncomfortable with my relationship to it as well as the fact its just not a very good way of presenting or archiving my diary.. i tried to post on tubmlr, but i found the same issues

so im going to try to post my diary on this website from now on, and this is how ill share it to the world moving forward

the photos on this website are still curated, theres a lot of pictures that i didnt choose to share for one reason or another